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Buxus Growing Guide

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What is Buxus?

Buxus (Buxus spp.) are evergreen shrubs and small trees. They are part of the Buxaceae family and are native to parts of Europe, Asia, America and Africa. Buxus is a group of evergreen plants that contain 70 species that are mainly slow growing except for a few varieties such as Japanese Box. Buxus normally have small oval, glossy, dark green leaves which form an evergreen compact shrub. Immature Buxus plants can change colour and take on Autumn toning during a very cold Winters. This is quite normal and often relates to very cold nights with bright sunny days, with cold winds also known to cause this bronzing. Top dressing in Autumn with Dolomite lime and fertilising before the weather cools too much can help shield them from this. At the start of Spring feeding them with an all purpose fertiliser will help them revert back to their normal colour.

Benefits of Growing Buxus

Buxus are easy to grow and maintain and if looked after correctly will last a long long time. They are ideal for hedging and screening in the garden and are used for topiary. Buxus plants are a favourite for traditional gardens, as they are perfect for formal evergreen hedges.

How to Grow Buxus

English Box 2017 Lpoengbox 1 - Garden Express Australia

English Box

Climatic Zones

Most varieties are suited for cool, temperate, arid and mild tropical climates.

Plant Size

Plant sizes vary depending on variety.

English Box Height: 1.5m, Width: 75cm

Japanese Box Height: 1m, Width: 70cm

Dutch Box Height: 50cm, Width: 50cm

Korean Box Height: 60cm, Width: 40cm

When To Plant Buxus

Plant anytime.

Soil Preparation

Buxus can grow in almost any soil type but prefers humus rich loam.

How To Plant Buxus

Plant in full sun but will tolerate part shade, with the plant crown at soil level.  Plant 20-30cm apart for a hedge/border. For dwarf varieties plant 15cm apart.

Buxus Plant Care

Water regularly during growing season, especially during the first Summer after planting. Be careful not to over water as they do not like soggy soil.

Mulch annually to retain moisture and suppress weeds.

Fertilise with an all purpose fertilizer in early Spring.

Buxus responds well to regular, light pruning to keep dense and in desired shape.

Recommended Buxus Varieties

A popular and widely used hedging and screening plant, Buxus is an easy to grow and maintain.

Japanese Box Hedge - Garden Express Australia

Japanese Box

Dutch Box Lpodutbox Gl2017 - Garden Express Australia

Dutch Box

Korean Box Hedge Lpokorbox Gl2017 - Garden Express Australia

Korean Box