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Tulip Growing Guide

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What is Tulip?

Tulip (Tulipa hybrida) is a bulbous herbaceous perennial. It is part of the Liliaceae or lily family and is native to Central Asia and Turkey. Tulips have a large range of colours and shapes with over 6000 cultivars. With your tradition goblet shaped tulip that flowers on a sturdy stem surrounded by soft green foliage. Or your parrot tulips that have curly, fringed petals that look like the feathers of a parrot with the beak-shape of their buds that gave them their name. Others are rich in colour or have two toned flowers. These Spring flowering bulbs have something for everyone’s taste.

When planting the tulip they should be planted in full sun with good drained soil which is high in organic mater. If you live in a hot climate then plant your tulips in a part shade position. Tulips need a cold period in the soil. If you live in warm climates you will need to Winter chill your bulbs in the fridge for 4 to 6 weeks before planting. Wait until the soil temperature has cooled down before planting. Most people recommend around Mother’s Day. Once your tulip has flowered you will need to fertilise to allow the bulb to gain more energy for next years flower period. Do not remove the foliage at this time. When removing bulbs, only remove the bulb from the soil when all of the leaves have turned brown. You then store the bulb in a cool, dry and airy position. It’s a good idea to wrap it in some newspaper or a brown-paper bag.

Benefits of Growing Tulip

Tulips are an easy to grow bulb that is well known around the world. With such a large variety of size, colour and shapes they can suit most garden styles. Tulips are ideal to be planted in pots and containers which can also be brought inside during flowering time. They make excellent cut flowers.

How to Grow Tulip

Tulip Queensland Pktulque - Garden Express Australia

Tulip Queensland

Climatic Zones

Cool, temperate, arid.

Plant Size

Sizes vary.

When To Plant Tulip

Plant in Autumn to early Winter.

Soil Preparation

Well-drained soil that is high in organic matter. Prepare the soil with a complete organic fertiliser or compost before planting

How To Plant Tulip

Plant in full sun, 15cm apart with the bulb at a depth of 10cm below the soil level.

Tulip Plant Care

Tulips like to be kept cool and moist. After planting, water well, and once foliage appears they should be given a good watering every 7-10 days depending on how dry the weather is. During dry times of the year, be sure to water regularly, especially after the buds have appeared. It is ideal to keep bulbs relatively dry whilst dormant.

Use a liquid fertiliser once the buds have appeared and top dress after flowering with a complete fertiliser such as Blood and Bone.

Tulips should be lifted each year. Dig after the foliage has turned brown. Allow the bulbs to dry out (not in the sun) and then store them in a cool, dry and airy position.

Watch out for Aphids.

Recommended Tulip Varieties

The symbol of Spring, the Tulip comes in many shapes, size and colour. Below is just a snap shot of this.

Tulip Golden Parade Pktulgpa 2020 - Garden Express Australia

Tulip Golden Parade

Tulip Claudia Pktulcla 2019 - Garden Express Australia

Tulip Claudia

Tulip Largo 13 - Garden Express Australia

Tulip Largo

Tulip Cuban Night - Garden Express Australia

Tulip Cuban Night

Tulip Lanka Pktullan 2020 - Garden Express Australia

Tulip Lanka

Tulip Orange Princess Pktulopr - Garden Express Australia

Tulip Orange Princess

Tulip Carnival De Nice2014 - Garden Express Australia

Tulip Carnival De Nice

Tulip Rococo Pktulroc 2020 - Garden Express Australia

Tulip Rococo

Tulip Candy Apple Delight Pktulcad - Garden Express Australia

Tulip Candy Apple Delight