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Tuberous Begonia Growing Guide

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What is Tuberous Begonia?

Tuberous Begonia (Begonia Tuberhybrida Hybrids) is a tuberous perennial and are known for their vibrant coloured blooms. It is part of the Begoniaceae family and is a hybrid of the native begonias from South America. The Tuberous Begonia will begin to sprout in early Spring as the days begin to get warm, this occurs when the temperatures reach approx. 16-18 C. If your begonia isn’t planted you will start to see small pink growth buds begin to appear. The foliage will then form which comes in a range of colours such as pale to light green to a dark burgundy colour with green highlights as seen in the Mocca variety. These plants flower in Summer to early Autumn when the days are long and they get plenty of light. Tuberous Begonias come in a large range of colours which include white, cream, yellow, pink, red, orange, scarlet and crimson. Tuberous Begonias grow best in partial shade or filtered sunlight in pots or hanging baskets, in climates with cool nights. Tuberous Begonias don’t like frost, nor humidity and are best grown in temperatures between 15 and 27. By mid Winter Tuberous Begonias are dormant.

Benefits of Growing Tuberous Begonia

Tuberous Begonia can be grown in both pots and the garden, although it’s easier to manage them in pots. With a true cascading habit, pots and baskets will be overflowing with colour. Tuberous Begonias can be grown in a sheltered shade house, on a veranda, in a sun room, or on a window ledge.

How to Grow Tuberous Begonia

Begonia White Pkbegwhi - Garden Express Australia

Tuberous Begonia White

Climatic Zones

Cool to sub tropical.

Plant Size

Height: 30-40cm, Width: 30-40cm

When To Plant Tuberous Begonia

Plant in late Winter to early Spring.

Soil Preparation

They requires well drained, humus rich soil. Can be grown successfully in pots, using a potting mix specifically for bulbs.

How To Plant Tuberous Begonia

Plant in filtered sun light to part shade, 40-50cm apart with the tuber 2-3cm below the surface of the soil..

Tuberous Begonia Plant Care

They need regular watering during the growing period. If planted in pots the soil should be regularly checked as pots dry out quicker. They like to almost dry out before they are watered again. Do not water during dormant time.

Feed with a slow release fertiliser every 3 – 4 months. Applying a liquid fertiliser every couple of weeks as this will promote more rapid growth towards flowering.

Remove old spent flowers to avoid any diseases developing.

Watch out for snails can.

Many growers in Winter will store their Tuberous Begonias in a tray of potting mix in a cool position rather than kept in pots.

Remove any yellowing foliage and stems as plant goes into dormancy.

Recommended Tuberous Begonia Varieties

Tuberous Begonias are a riot of colour through the Summer months.

Begonia Mocca Red Pkbegmre - Garden Express Australia

Begonia Mocca Red

Begonia Orange 16 - Garden Express Australia

Tuberous Begonia Orange

Begonia Illumination Lemon 20 Pkbegile - Garden Express Australia

Begonia Illumination Lemon