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Spring Star Growing Guide

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What is Spring Star?

Spring Stars (Ipheion uniflorum) are also known as Triteleia, is a frost hardy bulbous perennial. They are a Late Winter to Spring flowering bulb that is super hardy and once planted will produce delightfully dainty green foliage that is topped with a profusion of pale violet, blue or white flowers. They come from the Alliaceae which is the onion / garlic family and is native to South America

Benefits of Growing Spring Star

Spring Star has long flowering season which means there will be a constant display of flowers from mid Winter right through till the end of Spring once plants are established. They are a hardy drought tolerant plant and forget style of bulb.

They are an easy to grow plant perfect in rockeries, borders, containers or amongst shrubs. They look fantastic when placed around large trees or objects in your garden like bird baths. Spring Star naturalise easily and clump up beautifully providing flowers en masse after a few years. They will multiply over time when left undisturbed.

How to Grow Spring Star

Spring Star Mixed 13 - Garden Express Australia

Spring Star Mixed

Climatic Zones

Suitable for all climates except tropical. They are frost tender.

Plant Size

Height: 15cm, Width: 10cm

When To Plant Spring Star

Plant in Autumn.

Soil Preparation

They thrive in most soil types. Prepare soil by digging through broken down animal manure or compose top dress with a complete fertiliser.

How To Plant Spring Star

Plant in full sun to light shade, 7cm apart with the bulb at a depth of 4cm under the soil. 

Spring Star Plant Care

Spring Star only required watering through dry Winter spells. Be careful as they can become water logged in Winter, but will thrive in well drained soil.

A yearly top-dressing with a complete fertiliser is sufficient to maintain excellent growth and multiplication.

Spring Star can be left undisturbed for many years, however after some time the clumps may become too thick in which case they can be dug up and divided. If they do need to be lifted wait until the leaves turn yellow and lay flat. When planting leave room for them to multiply.

Spring star are extremely resistant to both pests and diseases. You may want to bait for slugs and snails during growing period as at times they will go for the new growth.

Recommended Spring Star Varieties

When Spring Stars are grown under trees or shrubs, the plants will become naturalized. Spring star make striking borders and are great in rock gardens. When planting, remember to allow some extra space for multiplication, which will occur quite rapidly.

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Spring Star Light Blue

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Spring Star White

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Spring Star Dark Blue