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Spring Bulbs in Warmer Climates

Warmer Climates 300 - Garden Express AustraliaTo grow Spring flowering bulbs in warmer winter regions of Australia you have to try and achieve one important thing – cool soil temperatures over winter. How?

  1. Select bulbs that are suited to a warmer climate (refer to the climate map for bulbs that suit your climate).
  2. Delay planting until April or May when the worst of the summer heat has passed.
  3. Choose a cooler spot in the garden, but not full shade.
  4. Stop the sun from hitting the soil directly with a protective layer of mulch 5-10cm thick. This will also conserve water and act as insulation against rapid temperature changes.
  5. Damp soil is cooler than dry soil so once you’ve mulched, give the ground a good soak. Most warm winter climates are also dry winter climates, so a good watering once a week will keep things cool and healthy.