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Queen /King Fabiola Growing Guide

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What are Queen/King Fabiola?

Queen Fabiola or King Fabiola (Tritellia laxa); also known as Brodiaea are a bulb that flowers in late Spring into Summer. From the Liliaceae family, King and Queen Fabiola bears tall elegant flower stems with multiple dainty pale blue to purple star-like flower heads on each stem. They are as tough as nails and make a great planting for late Spring colour when other bulbs are finished. Queen Fabiola and King Fabiola prefers a full sun position and are ideal as a cut flower as the flowers last in a vase and is perfect for pots and containers.

Benefits of Growing Queen/King Fabiola

Queen Fabiola are excellent bulbs to plant in borders or clumps for good mass effect. One of their best characteristics  is that it blooms late in Spring when almost all the other Spring bulbs are well and truly finished. As an added bonus, the blooms can last up to 2 weeks in a vase.

Their blue to purple flowers open in loose clusters of up to 25 blooms and the butterflies and bees love them. They bloom after the foliage, which soon disappears as the floral show begins. They are highly resistant to pests and diseases.

They perform well in poor soils.

How to Grow Queen/King Fabiola

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Queen Fabiola

Climatic Zones

Suitable for all climates. Fairly frost hardy. In frost and very cold areas, protect with thick mulch.

Plant Size

Height: 30-40cm, Width: 10cm

When To Plant Queen/King Fabiola

Plant in Autumn.

Soil Preparation

Queen Fabiola can grow in any soils but would prefer a well drained soil. Digging compost or well decayed manure into the soil will help these bulbs flourish.

How To Plant Queen/King Fabiola

Plant in full sun to part shade, 10cm apart at a depth of 5cm. 

Queen/King Fabiola Plant Care

Water well in their growth period. When dormant let them dry out, as bulbs are susceptible to rot.

Queen/King Fabiola do like to be fed so top dress with a complete fertiliser or bulb food in Winter.

They can be left in the ground for many years. As required, all these bulbs can be dug up after the foliage has died right down. Lift and replant immediately or store in a dry, airy position and replant the following Autumn.

You can use a fungicide spray if you live in wet climates. This is beneficial to prevent molding.