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Pineapple Lily Growing Guide

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What is Pineapple Lily?

Pineapple Lily (Eucomis spp.) is a bulbous perennial that has it’s distinct pineapple shaped flower where it gets its name. It is part of the Liliaceae family and is native to South Africa. Starting in Spring the fleshy long strappy leaves will begin to emerge from dormancy ranging in colours of pale green to vibrant purple depending on the variety. Come mid to late Summer the flower stems will push up and their unusual but attractive flowers appear. A bundle of short leaves placed on the very top of the flowering stem followed by many 6 pointed star shaped flowers that open from bottom up. The flower colours, depending on the variety, are shades of green, pink, white and burgundy. Pineapple Lilies are very hardy plants that don’t like to be disturbed. Find a place in your garden that is full sun to part shade with rich, well drained soil. Once Winter comes around these bulbs will go into dormancy.

All varieties seem to have different attributes that set them apart such as Eucomis autumnale or Pineapple Lily Dwarf White which is a petite form of Pineapple Lily that has fragrant creamy white blooms. Eucomis vandermerwe or Eucomis Dwarf Freckles has spotted leaves followed by attractive rose red flowers. Of the taller variety’s Eucomis comosa or Sparkling Burgundy has a purple flower stem and purple foliage. Eucomis hybrid or Glow sticks has attractive golden foliage with a white flower. These are just some of the differences.

Benefits of Growing Pineapple Lily

Pineapple Lilies are low maintenance and long lived. They are hardy, easy to grow and look amazing when grown en-masse or as a border. They are suitable for growing in a pot or in the garden, the foliage and flowers are a stunning addition. Pineapple Lilies make brilliant long lasting cut flowers. They’ll last up to 6 weeks in a vase.

How to Grow Pineapple Lily

Pineapple Lily Dwarf White Pkplidwh - Garden Express Australia

Pineapple Lily Dwarf White

Climatic Zones

Suitable for all climates.

Plant Size

Dwarf Height: 20-40cm, Width: 20-30cm

Normal Height: 70cm, Width: 40-60cm

When To Plant Pineapple Lily

Plant in Winter or Spring

Soil Preparation

They like rich, well drained soil. Work through a well broken down animal manure, blood and bone or complete fertiliser before planting.

How To Plant Pineapple Lily

Plant in full sun or part shade, 25-30cm apart with the bulb at level with or just under the soil surface.

Pineapple Lily Plant Care

Normal watering is required during dry periods.

Remove spent flowers however leave the foliage as they will continue to store energy for the next season. Leave undisturbed for many years. If lifting, do so after the foliage has died back. Store in a cool dry and airy position before replanting in Spring.

Snails and slugs love the fleshy leaves so be on the watch or get ahead and spread out snail/slug pellets as the new growth appears.

Recommended Pineapple Lily Varieties

Pineapple Lilies are a plant that deserves a place in any garden. With their unique flowers to their topical ambiance, these bulbs will sure not disappoint.

Pineapple Lily Sparkling Burgundy 13 - Garden Express Australia

Pineapple Lily Sparkling Burgundy

Eucomis Glow Sticks Lpoeucgst - Garden Express Australia

Eucomis Glow Sticks

Eucomis Freckles 16 - Garden Express Australia

Eucomis Dwarf Freckles