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Nerine Growing Guide

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What is Nerine?

Nerine (Nerine spp.) also known as Guernsey Lily it is a hardy bulbous perennial with glossy green strap like leaves. Part of the Amaryllidaceae family it is native to South Africa. They are dormant during the Summer months and when Autumn hints, Nerine’s send up tall erect flower stalks bearing large umbels of 5 to 10 funnel shaped flowers. The flowers come in a range of colours from pure white, pale pink to deep rose pink through to crimson to scarlet red depending on the variety. The foliage follows the flowers and lasts through winter, undamaged by the cold. Nerine like a full sun position in the garden that has well draining soil. Plant with their necks above the soil level and leave them be. They do not like to be disturbed as disturbing them will stop flowering for a period of time until settled again. Nerines are frost tolerant and perform better when crowded.

Benefits of Growing Nerine

Nerine are easy going low maintenance bulbs that need very little once established. These plants are elegant, colourful and attractive and are taken to the next level when planted in clumps. They are ideal for pots and containers or clumped throughout rockeries and garden beds. The bulbs are best left in the ground to naturalise. If they are left undisturbed, they will produce more flowers. They make a great cut flower. Cut flowers will last up to 3 weeks in water.

How to Grow Nerine

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Nerine Pink

Climatic Zones

Cool, temperate, arid, semi arid.

Plant Size

Sizes vary.

When To Plant Nerine

Plant in Summer.

Soil Preparation

Nerine like moist, well-drained soil when growing. Before planting dig through well broken down animal manure into the soil.

How To Plant Nerine

Plant in full sun, 10-20cm apart with the neck of bulb just above the soil surface.

Nerine Plant Care

Watering is required only to supplement natural rainfall. Nerine’s will thrive with dry Spring conditions and don’t need any water at all during Summer as they will be dormant.

Cut off any spent flowers. If transplanting, ideally complete this in Spring as bulbs start to go dormant, however bulbs like to be crowded. Don’t move or divide if you don’t have to as they don’t like being disturbed and it will affect their flowering once disturbed.

Watch out for snails and slug.

Recommended Nerine Varieties

An easy low maintenance Autumn bulb, the Nerine flower displays is something to marvel at. 

Nerine Pink Jewel Pknerpje - Garden Express Australia

Nerine Pink Jewel

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Nerine Fothergilli Major

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Nerine Rosea