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Nemesia Growing Guide

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What is Nemesia?

Nemesia (Nemesia hybrid) are a bushy herbaceous annual or perennial depending on the variety. It is part of the Scrophulariaceae or the figwort family and is native to South Africa. The foliage is light green to dark green with a toothed margin formed into a low growing mound habit. Nemesia have a long blooming time. Depending on the variety some bloom during Spring and Autumn while others will bloom from late Winter through until Summer. By pruning and liquid feeding, and a little help from the weather, you can extending the flowering time as well. They produce a masses of flowers that are lightly perfumed and come in variety of colours from blue, red, purple, white and pink and have contrasting yellow throats. Nemesia should be planted in a full sun to part shade position in the garden’.

Benefits of Growing Nemesia

Nemesia are easy to grow and will continue flowering well for long periods of time. They are fast growing, compact and very hardy making them ideal for borders, garden beds, pots and containers. Nemesia copes well with the extremes of heat and cold, and a light trim back will rejuvenate the plant and quickly bring on another flush of flowers, making them ideal for a long lasting display of colour. They are ideal for a cottage garden.

How to Grow Nemesia

Nemesia Cherry Red Pplnemcre - Garden Express Australia

Nemesia Cherry Red

Climatic Zones

Cool to mild tropical.

Plant Size

Height: 30cm, Width: 30cm

When To Plant Nemesia

Any time of the year. If planting as seed sow during Autumn and Winter.

Soil Preparation

They perform best in a really rich, loamy soil but generally are not fussy as long as the soil is well drained. Enrich the soil with lots of organic matter before planting.

How To Plant Nemesia

Plant in full sun to part shade, 30cm apart with the plant crown at soil level.  Plant 15-20cm apart for a neat border.

Nemesia Plant Care

Water well during hot, dry spells.

Mulch well to help retain moisture.

Apply slow release fertiliser after main flowering flush to promote further flowering displays.

Cut back to a 15-20cm mound in late Autumn or Winter to keep the plants dense and compact.

Recommended Nemesia Varieties

Escential Raspberry Lemonade Pplnemrle 2020 - Garden Express Australia

Nemesia Raspberry Lemonade

Escential Coconut Ice Pplnemcic 2020 - Garden Express Australia

Nemesia Coconut Ice

Nemesia Pink Lagoon Pplnempla - Garden Express Australia

Nemesia Pink Lagoon