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Natural Landscapes with Spring Bulbs

Create a natural landscape of beautiful blooms by using bulbs suitable for naturalising.

What is naturalising?

Bluebell Under Cherry Trees 300 - Garden Express AustraliaNaturalising means bulbs that grow in a largely untouched manner. They are left to bloom, multiply and die back each year with no digging or special care. Naturalised bulbs are left in the ground to do their own thing for many years. Bulbs can be naturalised in lawns, under and around deciduous trees, along driveways, in cottage gardens or just about anywhere you would like to plant and forget.

Certain bulb varieties are more suitable to naturalise. A list of better selections include Jonquils, Snowflakes, smaller cup and trumpet Daffodils, Bluebells, Refracta Alba Freesia, Zephyranthes, Muscari, Spring Stars and Belladonnas.

Woodland Pink Yell Daffs 300 - Garden Express Australia