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Muscari Growing Guide

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What is Muscari?

Muscari (Muscari armeniacum) also known as graph hyacinth is a bulbous plant whose flower resembles a small bunch of grapes. Part of the Hyacinthaceae family, they are native to Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Muscari are usually one of the first Spring bulbs to flower and will begin flowering in late Winter to early Spring. Their flowers are arranged on spikes that arise above the foliage with tiny downward facing bell shaped flowers. The flowers come in an array of colours such as purple, blue, mauve, white, pink and yellow. The foliage is dark green in colour and is thin and strappy. After flowering small seed pods appear and the plant will self sow easily. Muscari prefers a full sun to partial shade position in the garden that has well draining soil. They are frost hardy.

Benefits of Growing Muscari

Muscari are a low maintenance, plant and forget style of bulb. They are great for rockeries, pots, along pathways, drifts, grass plantings or at the front of beds. They are also excellent in woodland garden settings, planted en masse under trees or in amongst shrubs. The seed germinates freely and often self-sows so after a few years they could pop up in different areas of the garden.

How to Grow Muscari

Grape Hyacinth Blue Pkghyblu - Garden Express Australia

Grape Hyacinth Blue

Climatic Zones

Cool, temperate, arid, semi arid.

Plant Size

Height: 10-20cm, Width: 5-15cm

When To Plant Muscari

Plant in Autumn.

Soil Preparation

They prefer well drained soil. Add organic or chemical fertiliser to ground before planting.

How To Plant Muscari

Plant in full sun to partial shade, 10cm apart with the bulb 5cm underneath the surface of the soil.  

Muscari Plant Care

Only water when necessary if the ground begins to dry out due to insufficient rainfall.

Top dress as flower buds appears by add some general purpose fertiliser or blood and bone and again as they are fading, to ensure good growth in the coming year.

Bulbs can be left undisturbed for many years. If clumps become too large and you need to separate dig when the foliage turns yellow.

Watch for snails and slugs during growing period.

Recommended Muscari Varieties

Muscari are a must for any style of garden as these little bulbs will bring colour in the last throws of Winter before the big colour show of Spring begins.

Muscari Babys Breath - Garden Express Australia

Muscari Babys Breath

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Grape Hyacinth Venus

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Muscari Mount Hood