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Mangave Growing Guide

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What is Mangave?

Mangave (Agave macroacantha) is an evergreen, perennial succulent. It is part of the Asparagaceae family and is a hybrid of manfreda and agave. Mangave form an upright habit that is hardy and can either have broad or narrow spear shaped leaves depending of variety. Most of the leaf margins are smooth compared to the agave apart for the point at the tip of the leaf. The foliage is packed in tightly to form a spiky rosette. Mangave come in a variety of colours from dark greens to bluey grey to smokey purple and red. The leaves are usually marked with spots of burgundy or red. Mangave are more hardy than other succulents. They are happy for a sunny position in the garden and are happy to take more water. Regular watering during the growing season will encourage them to grow on at a good speed. Once the plant has reached the desired size, less water will encourage plant to slow it’s growth rate. Mangave need protection from frost like other succulents. After several years of growth, a plant can send up a bloom stalk of branching, yellow inflorescence. Most Mangave are monocarpic and produce only one bloom in their lifetime. They can, however, produce new offsets or “pups” that will live on after the mother plant dies.

Benefits of Growing Mangave

Mangave are suitable for landscaping uses or potted displays, the brilliant foliage markings and architectural shapes creates a real focal point. They look great planted en masse, or used as border plants. They are great for beds, succulent gardens, rock gardens or Mediterranean gardens.

How to Grow Mangave

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Mangave Pineapple Express

Climatic Zones

Cool to mild tropical.

Plant Size

Height: 20-60cm, Width: 40-60cm

When To Plant Mangave

Plant anytime.

Soil Preparation

They need a well drained, gritty soil. When planting in pots use a specialist succulent potting mix.

How To Plant Mangave

Plant in full sun, plant at the depth the pot came in. The more sun they get, the more colorful their speckles will be. Protect from hot afternoon sun.

Mangave Plant Care

Regular watering during the growing season. Mangave can handle a bit more regular watering without being at risk of rot, especially when they are establishing roots.

Apply a slow release or succulent fertiliser at the start of Summer.

Any browning or damaged foliage can be pruned off near the base of the leaf.

You can carefully remove and repot the pups that are produced.

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Mangave Mission To Mars