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Liatris Growing Guide

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What is Liatris?

Liatris spicata or commonly known as Blazing Star or Gayfeather is a herbaceous perennial. Part of the Asteraceae family it originated from eastern North America on the prairies. Liatris has tufted spikes of fine leaved foliage that produce cylindrical clusters of mauve, pink or white flowers like a feather duster that open from the top downwards. They flower in mid to late Summer and are bee and butterfly attracting.

Benefits of Growing Liatris

Very easy to grow, Liatris will quickly form dense clumps with low thick grassy looking foliage before flower spikes appear in mid to late Summer. They are excellent as border plants, planted in large containers or even as cut flowers. In Winter the tuberous roots remain while the top dies down. Once established Liatris will come through the coldest of Winters and the hottest of Summers.

Fantastic for cottage gardens, these plants produce flowers that attract pollinators and beneficial insects.

How to Grow Liatris

Climatic Zones

Cool to subtropical.

Plant Size

Height: 70cm-1m, Width: 30cm

When To Plant Liatris

Plant in Spring, after the last frost.

Soil Preparation

Before planting turn over the soil and mix through well broken down animal manure, blood and bone or a complete fertiliser.

How To Plant Liatris

Plant in full sun, 20-50cm apart with the plant crown at soil level. 

Laitris Plant Care

Liatris requires regular watering during dry periods. They do not like boggy soils.

Regularly deadhead the flowers and remove dead foliage. Over Winter when the plant goes dormant, cut down to the ground all the dead foliage before the new shoots appear in Spring.

Liatris is not a heavy feeder, however if your soil is poor you may want to give them a feed of a complete fertiliser in Spring just as the plants start to shoot.

They don’t need to be lifted and can be left in the ground for many years. If required to lift, lift in Winter and store in a cool, dry, airy place. They are be divided after the mature plant gets to a decent size.

Liatris is a hardy and generally trouble free plant. Check for thrip and aphids that may appear during flowering.