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Lambs Ear Growing Guide

What is Lambs Ear?

Lambs Ear, (Stachys byzantina) is a spreading evergreen herbaceous perennial. It is part of the Lamiaceae or mints family and is native to Iran and the Balkans. Lambs Ear is a very hardy fast spreading groundcover that has soft and furry silver green foliage. During Spring into Summer lavender purple flower spikes appear above the foliage. Lambs Ear prefers a full sun to part shade position in the garden with well drained soil. They are drought tolerant once established. They do not like humidity because of its furry leaves.

Benefits of Growing Lambs Ear

Lambs Ears are very easy to grow, are hardy and fast spreading. They are good for a sensory garden as the foliage feels just like soft fir. Lambs Ears go excellent in a mixed border, planted in a hanging baskets or pot, or to underplant flowering plants. They are very useful for adding silver and white highlights to your landscape. Their flowers are attractive to pollinators.

How to Grow Lambs Ear

Climatic Zones

Cool, temperate, arid, semi arid.

Plant Size

Height: 15cm, Width: 40-50cm

When To Plant Lambs Ear

Plant anytime.

Soil Preparation

It needs well drained soils.


How To Plant Lambs Ear

Plant in part shade to full sun, 30cm apart with the plant crown at soil level. 

Lambs Ear Plant Care


Will only need seasonal maintenance to remove dead flower stalks.

spring is an ideal time to get in and divide them

Too much water can result in root rot.