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Haworthia Growing Guide

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What is Haworthia?

Haworthia (Haworthia spp.) also known as Cushion Aloe, Window Haworthia, Star Window Plant, Zebra Cactus is an evergreen perennial succulent. It is part of the Asphodelaceae family and is native to South Africa. Haworthia’s are a large group of succulents with over 60 species are a varied group of plants. They are a small low growing succulent and popular as indoor plants. Haworthia come in a variety of foliage types from taller upright rosette forming types to chunky or blocky low growing varieties. Some are translucent while others are variegated which gives it that Zebra quality in their common name. During Summer to Autumn is their flowering time. Their flowers are small and generally white. Due to their size most people keep Haworthia indoors. They need a bright position that does not get direct light. If outside they prefer part to dapple shade and need to be protected from the frost. Haworthia require deep pots as the root system is larger than many other succulents.

Benefits of Growing Haworthia

Haworthia are easy to care for, perfect for a small pot or terrarium and great as an indoor plant. They can be used as an ornamental plant ideal for sitting on a table under a veranda, or in a water wise or rockery garden.

How to Grow Haworthia

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Haworthia Wide Zebra

Climatic Zones

Cool to mild tropical

Plant Size

Sizes vary.

When To Plant Haworthia

Plant anytime.

Soil Preparation

They need a well drained, gritty soil. When planting in pots use a specialist succulent potting mix.

How To Plant Haworthia

Plant in dapple shade to part shade, plant at the depth the pot came in. If keeping inside an area that is bright with indirect sunlight. Haworthia require deep pots as the root system is larger than many other succulents.

Haworthia Plant Care

Water weekly during the warmer months and 4 to 6 weeks during the cooler months. Let the soil dry out between waterings.

Apply a slow release fertiliser in Spring.

You can carefully remove and repot the pups that are produced.

Repot when their is no more room to spread or every 3 to 4 years to revitalise the soil quality.

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Haworthia Snowscene