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Hardenbergia Growing Guide

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What is Hardenbergia?

Hardenbergia (Hardenbergia spp.) also known as False Sarsaparilla or Purple Coral Pea is a hardy, evergreen, woody stemmed climber. It is part of the Papilionaceae family and is native to Australia. There are three species in Australia which are vigorous climbers or trailing plants however recent breeding has actually developed some upright shrubby forms. Even though having a vigorous growth habit it rarely covers other plants so extensively as to cause damage. The most widely grown variety in Australia is Hardenbergia violacea ‘Happy Wanderer’. Hardenbergia has dark green leathery leaves which are long arrow shaped. In Winter through to Spring they produce a mass of dark purple, pale pink or white pea flowers depending on the variety. Hardenbergia  requires a sunny or semi shaded position in the garden with free draining soil. They will tolerate light frosts.

Benefits of Growing Hardenbergia

Hardenbergia are an easy to care for native climber. They are fast growing, low maintenance and heavy flowering. They can be allowed to trail over fences for coverage and privacy or trail along a trellis. Hardenbergia  can be planted as a beautiful feature plant or mass planted for maximum flowering effect.

How to Grow Hardenbergia

Hardenbergia Happy Wanderer 14 - Garden Express Australia

Hardenbergia Happy Wanderer

Climatic Zones

Cool to mild tropical.

Plant Size

Sizes vary.

Happy Wander Height: 2m, Width: 2m

Regent Height: 1-1.5m, Width: 1-1.5m

Sweetheart Height: 1m, Width: 2m

When To Plant Hardenbergia

Plant in late Winter.

Soil Preparation

They like a moist well drained soil.

How To Plant Hardenbergia

Plant in full sun to semi shade, with the plant crown at soil level.  

Hardenbergia Plant Care

Only water when the soil appears dry then water until damp. Water more during flowering and Summer time.

Mulch to retain moisture in the soil and suppress weeds.

Fertilise with a balanced, controlled release native fertiliser after flowering.

Prune lightly and regularly to maintain shape and promote fresh growth – prune more firmly after flowering.

Watch out for scale.

Recommended Hardenbergia Varieties

Hardenbergia Regent Lpoharreg - Garden Express Australia

Hardenbergia Regent

Hardenbergia Snow White Lpoharswh - Garden Express Australia

Hardenbergia Snow White

Hardenbergia Sweetheart Lpoharswe - Garden Express Australia

Hardenbergia Sweetheart