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Grevillea Growing Guide

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What is Grevillea?

Grevilleas (Grevillea spp.) are evergreen groundcovers, shrubs or trees. They are part of the Proteaceae family and are native to Australia. There are more than 350 species of grevillea where most are small to medium shrubs however they come in all shapes and sizes such as ground covers and trees. Grevillea’s have evergreen foliage which comes in a variety of shapes ranging from needle shaped and saw-toothed to fern like. There are varieties that flower throughout the year while others have their main flowering in one season. Their flowers mainly come in 2 different varieties: ‘spider’ flowers and ‘toothbrush’ flowers. Colours range from white, cream, mauve, pink, red, lime, yellow, apricot and orange. Some combine two colours. Grevilleas don’t like their roots disturbed so be careful you have chosen the right spot when planting. They like a full sun position with well drained soil. They can be planted in part shade however the plant will produce less flowers and can become leggy. Most species are frost tolerant once established. Although they are hardy plants you will need to choose a Grevillea that suits your local climate and soil conditions. Always check with the nursery you are buying from about any special requirements the Grevillea may have as they all have their own requirements, for example some grevilleas don’t like cold weather or frost while others don’t like humid conditions.

Benefits of Growing Grevillea

Grevilleas are hardy and easy to grow native plants. There is such a large variety of them that there should be one suitable for any garden, large or small. Grevilleas can be gown as a hedge plant, feature shrub or tree, as a ground cover or a weeping standard. They grown just as well either in the garden or as a potted plant. They will attract birds and beneficial insects such as bee into your garden.

How to Grow Grevillea

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Grevillea Ned Kelly

Climatic Zones

There is a grevillea suited for all climate zones in Australia. Just check with the nursery or plant tag before buying to make sure it is suitable for your climate.

Plant Size

Sizes vary as they come in ground covers, shrubs and trees.

When To Plant Grevillea

Plant anytime.

Soil Preparation

They need well draining soil. Prepare you soil by mixing in some low-phosphorus fertiliser such as blood and bone. If planting in a pot use a good quality potting mix designed specifically for growing natives.

How To Plant Grevillea

Plant in full sun. Plant in a hole at least twice the size of the pot, the same level as the pot.

Grevillea Plant Care

Mulch to retain moisture in the soil and suppress weeds.

Apply fertilise in Spring with low-phosphorus fertiliser suitable for natives.

Give the plant a light prune back after flowering.

Poor drainage or overwatering can lead to root rot.

Recommended Grevillea Varieties

Grevillea Firecracker Lpogrefcr - Garden Express Australia

Grevillea Firecracker

Grevillea Robyn Gordon 14 - Garden Express Australia

Grevillea Robyn Gordon

Grevillea Moonlight Pplgremoo - Garden Express Australia

Grevillea Moonlight