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Eremurus Growing Guide

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What is Eremurus?

Eremurus (Eremurus spp) is also known as the Desert Candle or Foxtail Lily due to the shape and size of this plants interesting flower spike which looks like a foxes tail. They come from the Asphodelaceae family and is native to Eastern Europe and Asia. Eremurus is a clump forming deciduous perennial which produces a rosette of strap shaped leaves. Their main attribute is its stunning large spike flowers which contain miniature star shaped flowers all along the stem. Depending on variety the plant flowers in Spring to early Summer with flower colours ranging from orange to yellow to white and salmon pink. Their flowers are fragrant. After flowering, the flowers will then give way to small winged seed pods. Eremurus require a full sun position in the garden. A position that has a little shade in the afternoon and out of strong winds is recommended. They are frost hardy however the new shoots are easily damaged. Bare rooted stock looks like an octopus / starfish with sprawling fleshy roots attached to the tuber in the center

Benefits of Growing Eremurus

Eremurus do not require much care once they get established. They make a superb addition to the rear of mixed borders with their large showy flowers and clumping habit. They will attract butterflies and bees to your garden. Eremurus will multiply over the years. They make for excellent cut flowers.

How to Grow Eremurus

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Eremurus Romance

Climatic Zones

Cool to Temperate

Plant Size

Height: 1.2-1.5m, Width: 50cm

When To Plant Eremurus

Plant in Spring.

Soil Preparation

They need a fertile, well drained soil. Turn over soil and add plenty of organic matter when you plant.

How To Plant Eremurus

Plant in full sun, 50cm apart with the tuber just below the surface. 2 cm. When planting splay out the fleshing roots before covering with soil. Cover with a layer of mulch and then water in.

Eremurus Plant Care

Keep well watered during the growing and flowering stages. Keep the area mulched to retain moisture. Do not mulch the crown.

Once the flowering season is over trim off all the flower spikes. Leave the foliage so it can continue to store energy for next seasons flowering. Once the leaves begin to turn yellow, as the plant is now beginning to go into dormancy, remove the foliage.

Eremurus like to be left alone and not disturbed. After 3 – 4 years they can be big enough to be divided.

Keep a watch out for slugs and snails.