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Dichondra Silver Falls Growing Guide

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What is Dichondra Silver Falls?

Dichondra Silver Falls (Dichondra argentea) also known as Ponysfoot, Silver Nickle Vine, Silver Pony-foot or Mexican Dichondra is a cascading / creeping herbaceous perennial. It is part of the Convolvulaceae or the morning glory family and is native to Central America. It has a creeping and trailing habit. It can be grown as a ground cover or as a plant that cascades over a retaining walls or from pots. Dichondra Silver Falls has small soft, silver-grey to pale green kidney shaped leaves. It prefers a sunny position in the garden that has well drained soil. Once established Dichondra Silver Falls is drought and heat tolerant.

Benefits of Growing Dichondra Silver Falls

Dichondra Silver Falls requires minimal maintenance once the plant is established. It is ideal for hanging baskets, tall pots or trailing down over retaining walls making a feature in your garden or courtyard. Its sprawling cascading nature makes it also good for borders and steep banks, between pavers and in rockeries. Once established and under the right conditions, Dichondra Silver Falls can also be grown inside. Hanging from your ceiling or in a tall pot, it makes a stunning modern indoor feature in your home. It needs to get a bit of direct sunlight during the day and should be planted in well draining soil.

How to Grow Dichondra Silver Falls

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Dichondra Silver Falls

Climatic Zones

Cool to tropical.

Plant Size

Height: 10cm, Width: 1.5-2m

When To Plant Dichondra Silver Falls

Plant anytime.

Soil Preparation

They prefer a moist well drained humus rich soil. Dig through some compost before planting.

How To Plant Dichondra Silver Falls

Plant in full sun to part shade, 25-30cm apart with the plant crown at soil level. 

Dichondra Silver Falls Plant Care

Water regularly during warmer months. Allow to dry out before watering again. Water when rainfall is not enough in cooler months. If the soil is dry to touch then water as they like the soil to remain moist.

Fertilize with a slow release general fertiliser in Spring.

Prune during Spring to keep the plant in shape.