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Cuban Lily Growing Guide

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What is Cuban Lily?

Cuban Lily (Scilla peruviana) also known as Scilla, Peruvian Lily, Hyacinth of Peru is a bulbous perennial. It is part of the Liliaceae or lily family and is native to the Mediterranean. Cuban lilies flower in late Winter to early Spring. They push up a cone shape flower head supported on a very thick flower stem. The flower head is made up of 50 or more small star shaped flowers. These flowers can be either dark blue, pale blue or white. The foliage is dark green and strappy. Cuban lilies requires a full sun to part shade position in the garden that has moist, well-drained and humus rich soil. 

Benefits of Growing Cuban Lily

Cuban Lily is a hardy bulb that is easy to grow. They grow, flower and naturalise happily by themselves. They have a stunning bloom that will look unique in the garden. The Cuban lily flower is ideal as a cut flower with a good vase life and is perfect for growing in pots and containers.

How to Grow Cuban Lily

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Cuban Lily

Climatic Zones

Cool, temperate, dry, Mediterranean.

Plant Size

Height: 30cm, Width: 25cm

When To Plant Cuban Lily

Plant in Autumn.

Soil Preparation

They require well drained soil.  Prepare the soil by mixing through well broken down animal manure or compost.

How To Plant Cuban Lily

Plant in full sun to part shade, 15-20cm apart with the bulb tip at soil level.

Cuban Lily Plant Care

Water when the bulb begins to flower and keep soil slightly moist until foliage dies back.

Top dress with a complete fertiliser such as blood and bone.

They can be left undisturbed until you wish to divide them. Once the clumps becomes large, it is the ideal time to lift and divide the clump. This can be done once the foliage dies back during  Autumn when the bulb goes into dormancy.

Watch out for snails and slugs.