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Baby Gladioli Growing Guide

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What is Baby Gladioli?

Baby gladioli (Gladiolus nanus) is also known as Species Gladioli or Cottage Gladioli. They come from the Iridaceae family which includes the iris and originated from South Aftrica. These elegant miniature gladioli flower in late Spring. Each bulb will produce 2 to 3 flower spikes with up to 6 flowers on each and open from the bottom up. Flower colours vary from shades of white, pinks and purple. The foliage is green to deep green and sword shaped in appearance. Baby Gladioli prefer a sunny position in well drained soil. They are tolerant of heat.

Benefits of Growing Baby Gladioli

The flower stems of the baby gladioli tend not to grow as tall as the other gladioli species and are therefore better suited to pots and planters or tight corners.  The plant itself is more compact and the flowers are smaller. They grow every bit as easy as their larger Summer flowering cousins. A fantastic addition to a cottage garden, they also look good in rockeries, garden beds, or as a border. Baby gladioli attract bees and beneficial insects to the garden. They make exceptionally good cut flowers and they’re low maintenance.

How to Grow Baby Gladioli

Baby Gladioli Mixed Pkbglmxd 2020 - Garden Express Australia

Baby Gladioli Mixed

Climatic Zones

Cool to Sub tropical. Frost tender – could be damaged when temperature is below 5°C.

Plant Size

Height: 50-60cm, Width: 10-15cm

When To Plant Baby Gladioli

Plant in Autumn.

Soil Preparation

Grows well in most soils which is well-drained and slightly sandy, doesn’t like clay. Work in a small amount of complete granular fertiliser into the soil prior to planting.

How To Plant Baby Gladioli

Plant in full sun, 15cm apart with the bulb at a depth of 8-10cm under the soil.

Baby Gladioli Plant Care

Water well when flowering, otherwise let them dry out in Winter.

Top dress with a complete fertilizer in Autumn (going into dormancy) and Spring (beginning to grow).

Baby Gladioli may be left undisturbed for several years at which time they may need to be separated  because of over crowding. Division is easy, best divided when the leaves have turned yellow and bulb is going into dormancy..

Baby gladioli usually flower before pests become a problem. If brown spotting/streaking appears, spray with a general garden fungicide. Watch out for aphids and thrip as the weather warms up.

Recommended Baby Gladioli Varieties

Smaller than their larger cousins, Baby Gladioli produce beautiful compact flower spikes suitable for pots, rockeries, a cottage garden or even to bring inside and admire as a cut flower.

Baby Gladioli Oriental Lady Pkbglola 2020 - Garden Express Australia

Baby Gladioli Oriental Lady

Baby Gladioli Salmoneus Pkbglsal 2020 - Garden Express Australia

Baby Gladioli Salmoneus

Baby Gladioli Blushing Bride Pkbglbbr 2020 - Garden Express Australia

Baby Gladioli Blushing Bride