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Hosta hybrid

Dark green leaves and creamy white margins. Vigorous variety with showy leaves and lavender flowers.

Hostas are grown for their amazing foliage through the warmer months. Hostas are guaranteed to brighten up a shady position, plus there is the added bonus of lavender to lilac flowers in Summer. Great for pots on shaded verandahs; protect from snails and slugs.

Supplied as a dormant plant.

Orders containing this item will be dispatched from early November.

  • Suitable for areas with part shade
  • Suitable for areas with full shade
  • Ideal in pots or containers
  • Grows 50-60cm wide
  • Grows to 30-45cm high
  • Summer-Autumn

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Common Name: HOSTA Also known as Plantain lily
Botanical Name: Hosta plantaginea, H lancifolia
Family Name: Liliaceae/Lamiaceae
Plant Type: Herbacious Perennial
Size: 30cm W–1.2m H
Planting Width: 30–90cm
Positioning: Semi to Full Shade.
General Information: Hostas are very long lived under the right conditions and come in many shapes and sizes and some can be fragrant.
Soil: Moist, fertile and well drained.
Watering: Require moist conditions, does not tolerate drought. Keep well watered while they are actively growing.
Fertilising: Apply a complete fertiliser annually in spring. Hostas love soil that is high in organic matter, so it helps to work in some well-rotted animal manure each spring.
Pruning: No pruning is required however you can tidy the plant up as it becomes dormant in winter.
Dislikes: Drying out.
Pests: Snails and slugs. Hosta anthracnose can cause whitish spots with brown edges to form on leaves and stalks, remove the affected leaves.
✔ Ideal for shady areas.
Tips: Do better if left undisturbed. Removing flower stalks after blooming encourage growth.