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Page 57 Inspired by Buxus

Commonly known as ‘Box Hedge’, Buxus in Australia is represented by these four varieties. English Box, Dutch Box, Korean and Japanese. Uniquely, Australia is one of very few countries calling Buxus by these names, referencing where they originate from.
Dutch box is a dwarf form, a very slow grower preferring cooler climates, and in Europe is planted very densely with many many cuttings per square metre so it looks bushy quickly. As such, it’s the softest and bushiest Buxus we have. Soft fine leaves, the brightest green spring new growth, and at its tallest only around 70cm tall after about 7 years.
English box is much faster grower and suited to a larger climate range. It’s the most common Buxus used for topiary (plant shaping) and hedging as it responds well to pruning and grows quick enough to create shapes without waiting too long. Your hedge height can also reach around 2m,
as is the case of a very old plant in our farmhouse garden. However it sits very comfortably at 1m high, and wide.
Japanese and Korean Box are very, very, similar. Both tolerating and in fact preferring warmer and tropical climates. In cold conditions the Japanese Box bronzes on the foliage and takes some time to grow out to green again. more robust of the two, with firmer leaves, and Korean being a little more dense and rounder leaves.
All make terrific choices for the formal aspects of your garden, or for a little topiary fun.