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Summer 2019

Welcome to Summer 2019!

As the days get longer and the temperatures heat up, we realise just how much of an oasis we have created in our garden; and how perfect it can be to enjoy it with our families and friends. If yours is still not feeling that way, it is not too late, and we are excited to bring you our latest catalogue packed full of fantastic plants that we hope you will love as much as we do!
Our Frangipanis make a highly anticipated return this year; these beautiful small trees are guaranteed to turn your sheltered courtyard or warm climate garden into a tropical dream. Don’t be disheartened if you are a cooler climate gardener as these wonderful plants can be grown in the southern states with a bit of care. Simply select a large pot and move them indoors in Winter or somewhere away from the risk of frost and keep them dry till the temperatures start to rise again.
We are very excited to be bringing you the best of the new breeding with
Hydrangeas! No longer are these plants relegated to the ‘nana’s plants’ category with truly divine double flowers, bi-coloured flowers and even the promise of an Endless Summer® full of flowers. Perfect for pots these beauties will create brilliant pops of bright colours for your shaded areas.
For those of you who missed out on our berry canes in Winter we have added a new range of potted stock, and of course we have some old favourites of the edible plants here again for an encore appearance as well.
As we are drawing the year to a close we begin to think about gift ideas, and nothing is more perfect than gifting or displaying your favourite plants in some of our new ornamental pots. We are pleased to present our much anticipated new tools selections, making sure we have given you every opportunity to give yourself a gift too, also providing lots of different selections of plants that will grow perfectly in these ornamental pots.

Just make sure you remember to put yourself on top of your list for gifts so you get yourself exactly what you want!

David, Jenni and all the Team at Garden Express