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Mid Summer 2021

Welcome to 2021! What a difference a year makes – this time last year we were watching with bated breath as terrible bushfires had been burning for most of Summer, and we were excited about celebrating the 20th anniversary of Garden Express but then all of a sudden the world went mad…
We are super excited to begin the year showcasing our Spring flowering bulb range – as always we have our tried and true favourites and we are pleased to introduce some wonderful new varieties that are sure to put a smile on your face when they are flowering.
This year we are pleased to have a number of the delightful Poeticus Daffodils available. These are said to be one of the first Daffodils to be cultivated and they are a firm favourite with us here at Garden Express. Their fragrant flowers with creamy white petals and tiny delicate cups are the Daffodils associated with the age-old legend of Narcissus, and they are also the source of Narcissus oil which is highly sought after for perfumes and aromatherapy. Their later flowering season is a delight too – coming on once all the other Daffodils have finished for the year. Use these along with early and mid-flowering Daffodils to increase your Daffodil display
for many more weeks than you would if you planted just one variety.
Bulbs are just about the easiest things in the world to garden with – really all they need is a bit of a sunny spot, some fertile well-drained soil and regular watering or rainfall once they begin to emerge from their slumber. They are super easy to grow in pots and look wonderful when they are placed in prominent positions whilst they are in flower, and of course, many of the Spring flowering bulbs are magnificent as cut flowers meaning we can bring some Spring inside to add their cheerful bursts of colour in a vase.
We hope you enjoy our Mid Summer catalogue; we certainly enjoy bringing you this great range of products and presenting this catalogue, and we can’t wait for the seasons to come and go so we can see them flowering in our gardens too!
David, Jenni
and all the Team at Garden Express