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Autumn 2020

Welcome to Autumn!
This would have to be our favourite time of the year! The nights are starting to get longer, the weather is a little cooler, and the days are starting to take on a golden glow as trees and other plants start to think about getting ready for Winter. Whilst things are a little cooler, the pleasant Autumn rains and milder temperatures are guaranteed to get us itching to get back into the garden again.
The other great thing about Autumn is our Rose catalogue, and this year’s offerings are extremely exciting! Amongst other new release roses we have a whole new range of beautifully fragrant roses, the Award Winning “Parfuma” Range. These have been selected for outstanding fragrance and flower shape and we are sure they will be very popular.
Of course we still have our usual old favourites as no rose garden would be complete without Iceberg, Mr Lincoln, Peace or Just Joey, but equally so, there are so many other outstanding roses it’s a huge job to narrow them down to the selection we have here. Rest assured, every rose included in our catalogue has the potential to become a new ‘old favourite’ as they are all just so gorgeous.
Other highlights of this catalogue are the first of the Produce plants for the cooler months; and of course a wonderful selection of really lovely shrubs and other beautiful plants. Now is the perfect time to rejuvenate your garden and get planting with all of these as the soil is still warm and the real heat for the season is easing so establishing new plants in the garden is much easier.
As always, we hope you enjoy our Autumn catalogue as much as we enjoy sourcing the new plants to feature in it, and above all else, Happy  Gardening!
David, Jenni
and all the Team at Garden Express