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Family: Amaryllidaceae

Attractive, exotic looking, fragrant white blooms appear above lush broad, strap- shaped leaves.

Flowering Season: Summer.

Plant Size: 60cm H x 25cm W.

Planting Density: 30- 40cm apart.

Multiplication Speed: Clumps can form up to 1m wide in 4- 5 years.

Preferred Aspect: Full sun or light shade.

Plant Uses: Large foliage feature. Cut flower. Large container plant.

Likes: Enriched organic soils. All climates except heavy frost areas.

Watering - Ensure that the soil stays moist but well drained.

Fertilising - Well rotted animal manure, blood and bone, or a complete fertiliser should be worked through the soil before planting.

Lifting and storage - Bulbs can be left in the ground to multiply for several years.

Pests - None.

Tips - Hymenocallis are ideal for patio pots and can be brought inside when in flower. This bulb requires a dry dormant period in autumn to flower regularly in summer. It is ideal for sub-tropical and tropical gardens.

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