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Family: Amaryllidaceae

Alternate Names: Amaryllis, Knight's Star LIly

Origin: Central and South America

Flowering Season: Summer. Some control can be achieved by chilling (see below).

Plant Size: 35-60cm H x 30-40cm W

Indoor Potting - Ideal planting times, September to December. Plant the bulb in a pot large enough to allow a minimum of 3 to 4cm of soil around the bulb, with the nose of the bulb protruding from the top of the pot. A 15cm (6inch) pot should be satisfactory. The shoulder of the bulb should be above the soil. To provide good drainage, place some pieces of stone at the bottom of the pot, and use a good recommended potting or bulb mix. It is not necessary to add fertilisers or manures, but if using these make sure a good complete fertiliser such as GRO PLUS is used, or cow manure.

Watering - Water only one per week...as over watering will cause stem rot and red rust. NEVER water over the bulb nose, always around the sides of the pot. After blooming, the stem may be cut close to the bulb; take the bulb out of the pot (with its leaves) and plant, for preference, into the garden, or into a larger pot, and put some well-decayed cow manure into the soil first. Plant in warm, sunny position in fertile soil, so that the bulb can settle down and grow to a good size. The bulb can be lifted again in April-May, ready for re-potting.

If pot flowering is required for special times- If the bulbs are not to be planted immediately, unpack bulbs upon arrival and keep in an airy position, making sure the roots do not dry out too much. If however, the bulbs are required to flower, for example, at Christmas time, then we suggest that you place the bulb in the crisper part of the fridge, at approx. 5 degrees, to hold back the flower progressing at its natural pace. DO NOT FREEZE! In order for the bulbs to be flowering at Christmas time, the bulb should be taken out of the crisper mid November, and potted up as per previous instructions. Place pot in full daylight at an approx. temperature of 20-25 degrees; the flower bud will appear thereafter. From the time of potting, flowering will occur approx. 5 weeks later, and if the flowering bud moves too quickly and appears that it may flower before the required flowering time, place the pot in a cooler position to again slow down the flowering process. Similarly, if the flowering process appears too slow, place in a warmer position with plenty of sunlight. When the flower buds have separated at the top of the stem, and begin to place themselves horizontally, flowering takes place in approx. 3-4 days.

Garden planting- Plant bulb in suitable soil, with good drainage. Put at least one spadeful of decayed animal manure under each bulb and plant near wall or fence, protected from strong winds, but with plenty of sunlight. Leave neck of bulb protruding above the soil and water weekly during dry spells. Flowering will occur anytime between December and March. One or two sprays with Mancozeb fungicide against fungus is beneficial. Remove flower stem after flowering is finished. Lift bulbs in April-May, cut foliage close to the bulbs. Store bulb in a warm place at approx. 20 degrees. Dusting with microised sulphur against fungus while storing is also beneficial. Replant bulbs again from September.

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