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Family: Alliaceae

What a fantastic plant for borders, drifts, large containers, in fact anywhere where thick evergreen foliage and tall spikes of almost black, blue or white flowers would enhance the landscape. Will grow where other plants fail. Available in tall and dwarf forms and slightly different flower forms.

Alternate Names: African Lily, Lily of the Nile

Origin: Southern Africa

Flowering Season: Mid Spring to early Summer.

Plant Size: Tall - 1.5m H x 50cm W. Dwarf - 45cm H x 30cm W.

Planting Density: Tall - 60cm apart. Dwarf - 30cm apart.

Multiplication speed: Tall clumps can expand to 1m wide in approx 4 years. Dwarf clumps 30cm wide in 2-3 years.

Preferred Aspect: Full sun or part shade.

Plant Uses: Borders, pathways, driveways, areas with poor soil. Difficult areas around evergreen trees, containers, cut flowers.

Likes: Tolerates just about anything including dry periods.

Watering: Water only to supplement natural rainfall. Agapanthus prefer a well-drained soil.

Fertilising: Use a complete commercial fertiliser in winter and spring.

Lifting and storage: If clumps become too thick roots may be divided immediately after flowering; late summer, early autumn. Cut leaves back to half-length and replant immediately.

Pests: Disease and pest resistant. Bait snails when they appear.

Tips: Plant 5cm deep. Ideal for borders, along paths and driveways. Agapanthus are easy to grow and will tolerate almost total neglect. Over crowding will not prevent flowering. Livestock do not seem to damage plants grown openly on farms. Remove flowerheads when finished to prevent seeding in unintended places unless sterile variety such as 'Black Pantha'.

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