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Sternbergia Lutea

Sternbergia Lutea

Sternbergia lutea

Yellow autumn flowering crocus-like flowers with deep green foliage. Best used for potting, rockeries or sun drenched borders.  Grow 15cm high.

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Supplied as: Dormant bulb
Suitable climate zones: Cool, Temperate, Arid
Seasonal status: Available Nov-May unless sold out
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Sternbergia Lutea

Family name Amaryllidaceae

Botanical name - Sternbergia lutea

Plant type - bulb.

Size - 15cm high x 10cm wide.

Planting width - 8-10cm.

Depth - 5cm.

Planting time - summer.

Positioning - full sun position.

Flowering - autumn.

General information - tolerates frost. Suitable for Temperate/dry and Mediterranean climates.

Watering - maintain moisture while leaves are showing. Leave dry over summer.

Fertilising - add well-rotted compost or complete fertiliser before planting. Top dress each autumn.

Soil - well drained.

Lifting & storage - leave in the ground for 5-6 years before dividing and replanting for best results. Can be dug in November if preferred or they can be lifted if the flowering starts to decline. You should lift the congested clump and replant sections further apart to ensure continued flowering. If you would like to store them, they need to be stored in a warm, dry position until planting in January to March.

Pests - Bait snails when buds appear.

Tips - They need lots of summer sun to produce great blooms. They are frost hardy. Useful to be planted as garden and rockery plants or can be potted in pots. They do grow indoors. Look great under and around roses. Preferably, they should be grown in masses or good size groups. Allow foliage to die down naturally after flowering for better flowering the following year.

Preferred climate zones - Cool, Temperate, Arid

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