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Ribes uva-crispa

Large berries are borne on this almost thornless variety that forms a bush rather than the traditional cane varieties.  Yellow/Green fruit are tart and can be used to make wonderful jams jellies and dessert pies.  Will grow in most soils but prefers a mild Summer.  Needs a cold Winter to ensure adequate fruit set.

 Grows 1m high x 1.5m wide.

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  • Require little water once established
  • Suitable for areas with full sun
  • Suitable for areas with part shade
  • Grows 1m wide
  • Grows to 1m high
  • Winter-Spring

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Botanical Name: Ribes ura-crispa
Family Name: Grossulariaceae

Plant Type: Perennial Cane
Size: 100cm

Positioning: Full Sun
General Information: Large juicy berries that ripen
from green to purple if left on the bush. Fruit develops on both second year and older wood, and pinching
laterals back to 3 bubs promotes spur production. By removing the centre of the plant you develop more
open structure to allow light in for easier picking. The plant should be pruned to the shape of a wide mouthed
teacup for the first two years. Begins to crop as a 2-3year old plant. Grow the canes against a wall or fence or support with a trellis. If grown in rows, allow 1.5m between rows. Most berries bear fruit on 2nd year wood. The canes will grow vigorously the first year and then flower and fruit the second year.
Soil: Likes a rich, well drained soil.
Watering: For optimum fruit production canes need to be kept well watered. Will benefit from mulching in spring to conserve moisture in summer and keep roots cool.
Fertilising: Prior to planting well-rotted animal manure, blood and bone or complete fertiliser should be thoroughly worked into the soil. As growth starts apply a complete fertiliser and a compost of well-rotted animal manure.

style="font-weight: bold;">Pruning: In winter prune the canes that bore fruit down to the ground and tie dormant canes to the support. These will fruit the following year.
Tips: Protect plants from hot winds, and ripening berries from birds. Best grown in areas with a cold winter as a ‘chilling period’ will assist fruit set. Use thick gloves when pruning; and picking
as plants are thorny despite their name. 
Pests: Fungal diseases may rot fruit;
use appropriate fungicides.