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Fragaria x ananassa

Large firm and glossy red fruit that is always perfectly shaped. It often has a very small white tip when they are at their best flavour. Fruits for longer than many other varieties. Ensure good drainage and water regularly to guarantee a plentiful harvest.

Strawberries are ideal for hanging baskets containers or garden beds. Full sun position preferred when positioned in a northerly aspect plants will fruit earlier.

Supplied as bare rooted runners.

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  • Suitable for areas with full sun
  • Grows 25cm wide
  • Grows to 15cm high
  • Spring-Summer

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Botanical Name: Fragaria x ananassa
Family Name: Rosaceae
Plant Type: Herbaceous Perennial
Size: 15cm H x 25cm W
Positioning: Full Sun
Planting Width: 30cm.
General Information: There are several varieties of strawberries, some suited to warmer climates (Torrey) or cooler climates (Red Gauntlet).
Soil: Well Drained, moist and friable.
Watering: Keep soil moist but not too wet.
Fertilising: Prepare the soil with poultry manure or compost plus a ration of mixed fertiliser. Mulch with an organic material such as straw or lay black plastic to prevent weeds, this will also maintain an even soil temperature and prevent moisture loss in summer. After flowering starts, feed with a liquid fertiliser every few weeks.
Pruning: Remove old dead leaves and trim straggly roots before planting.
Dislikes: Frosts and Hot Winds.
Pests: Snails, Slugs, Aphids, Thrip and Red Spider Mites. Treat as required.
✔ Ideal for Containers, Hanging baskets or Garden Beds.
 Tips: To obtain a third crop of fruit, prune plants to 2cm above the crown once the second crop has finished. Fruit should be clean and brightly coloured when picking with no sign of soft spots or mould. Look for a green stem cap and avoid fruit with white or green areas. ***Purchase only Certified Virus Free Strawberry runners and for best results discard plants after 3 years and replace with new Virus Free runners in a different area of the garden.