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Clivia nobilis

Nobellis is a slow growing clivia and produces wonderful orange tubular flowers that fade to yellow and then green at the tips.

An evergreen clump forming plant with dark green strap like leaves. Strap leaf evergreen perennial produces tubular flowers.  Loves filtered light and lots of organic matter so its great for under planting or dark corners.  Likes restricted root run.  Dislikes frost and excess root disturbance. Flowers spring to summer.

  • Suitable for areas with part shade
  • Ideal in pots or containers
  • Grows 45cm wide
  • Grows to 45cm high
  • Spring-Summer

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Common Name: CLIVIA Also known as Kaffir Lily
Botanical Name: Clivia miniata
Family Name: Amaryllidaceae
Plant Type: Fleshy Rooted Perennial
Size: 40–60cm H x 30cm W
Positioning: Semi to Full Shade.
Planting Width: 30–50cm,
Flowering: Spring to Summer once plants are mature, generally at least 3 years old.
General Information: Clivia thrive in dappled shade and dry conditions. Will grow in a cool to subtropical climate.
Soil: Fertile, well drained required.
Watering: Dry tolerant if well shaded. In dryer months water occasionally, but allow them to dry out in winter.
Fertilising: Work in some well-rotted animal manure or compost before planting. Tolerates neglect.
Pruning: Can lift and divide after a few years once clumps have gotten too big, this should be done in the cooler months and will affect flowering. Remove old leaves and flower stems.
Dislikes: root disturbance.
Pests: Snails.
Ideal for pots as they love being crowded.
Tips: Sensitive to sunlight and will burn easily, also frost tender so are best kept in pots where they can be moved undercover in winter or harsh sun.