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Zantedeschia hybrids

Stunning cherry red blooms.

Outstanding grown in pots or in any sunny place in the yard. Our beautiful bulbs should produce between 3 and 7 flowers in their first year. Becoming stronger and more vigorous once settled in, plants will provide pups in a year or two. Best planted August – September in cool climates. Requires a full sun position, perfect cut flower.

Supplied as dormant bulbs.

Orders containing this item will be dispatched from early July.

  • Suitable for areas with full sun
  • Ideal in pots or containers
  • Suitable to cut for vases
  • Plant 20cm apart
  • Grows to 30-75cm high
  • Summer

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Common Name: CALLA LILY Also known as Zantedeschia
Botanical Name: Zanteschia hybrids Family Name: Araceae
Plant Type: Tuberous Perennial
Size: 30–70cm H x 15–20cm W
Planting Time: Late Winter to Spring
Positioning: Full Sun, Prefers Morning
Flowering: Late Spring (Warm Climates), Summer (Cool Climates)
Planting Width: 20cm  Depth: 10cm
General Information: Callas have wide range of climate tolerance, except extreme heat and cold. An attractive foliaged plant, they need 6 hrs of sun to flower-more shade results in more foliage but will decrease flowering.
Soil: A rich, moist soil, with plenty of organic matter added is required. Soil needs to be well drained as bulb will rot if kept too wet.
Watering: During summer they need to be kept moist; dryness will trigger dormancy.
Fertilising: Well-rotted animal manure, blood and bone or a complete fertiliser for flowering plants can be worked into the soil before planting. An annual application of fertiliser is necessary if plants are grown in pots. Nitrogen rich and fresh animal manure is not recommended.
Pruning: Bulbs can be left in the ground for several years. Plants will die down in winter and can be lifted and clumps divided if required. Likes deep watering, being left undisturbed, morning sun and hot afternoon shade. Dislikes
severe frost and waterlogged ground.
Ideal for patio pots, long-lasting cut flowers and is an excellent garden plant.
Tips: In cool climates do not plant until August. Often will not flower the first season after planting. Plant rough side up. If planting in pots: 1 bulb for 15cm pot. 3 bulbs for 30cm pot.