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Slow Release Planting Tablets - Trees & Shrubs

Slow Release Planting Tablets - Trees & Shrubs

Slow Release Fertiliser Planting Tablets for Trees and Shrubs. These Planting Tablets slowly release nutrients for up to 12 months and are safe and convenient to use. The Planting Tablets eliminate complicated measuring and digging in of fertilisers. Each tablet is a balanced fertiliser that assists strong root development, healthy growth and abundant blooms. The Tablets are compacted to gradually release their nutrients - this prevents overfeeding and the risk of 'burning' roots.

When planting new plants place 2 tablets on opposite sides of the root ball, at a depth between the middle and bottom of the root ball. For established plants place the tablets in pre-punched holes 25-30cm deep around the drip line of the plant .

Each Tablet is 20g and are available in 3 pack sizes:


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