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Canna Lilies

What a fantastic plant for hiding just about anything. Tall dense clumps of large heavy foliage make perfect screens or wonderful backdrops. Grows anywhere from Tassie to the Tropics. In cooler areas plants die back in winter but readily re-grow once warm weather returns.

  • Flowering season: Cool climates - summer-autumn. Warm climates - spring-autumn.
  • Plant size: Tall - 2m high x 80 cm wide; Dwarf - 80-100cm high x 80cm wide.
  • Planting Density: 70cm apart.
  • Multiplication speed: Tall - 2m H x 1.5m W;  Dwarf - 1m H x 1.5m W (3yrs).
  • Preferred aspect: Full sun for maximum flowers.
  • Plant uses: Hedge, Screen, backdrop or border.
  • Likes: Water and food over summer, removal of spent flowers.
  • Watering: A good soaking during summer.
  • Fertilising: Keep mulched with manure. Top dress with some fertiliser during spring.
  • Lifting and storage: Clumps can be lifted and divided in winter to early spring or left undisturbed for years. If dividing, cut into sections with at least one good bud per section.
  • Pest: Watch for slugs and snails and control these if necessary.
  • Tips: Plant just below soil surface. Very effective and showy in groups. Canna foliage acts as a great cover along fence lines and walls. In cooler climates cut all growth back to 20cm above ground level in early winter In very cold areas protect rhizomes against frost with a layer of mulch. Cannas can be left undisturbed for many years given they are fertilised sufficiently as they become crowded.

Available dormant June to August.

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