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Bokashi Composting System

The Amazing Bokashi Bucket is a revolution in the treatment of food waste from the kitchen. It harnesses the power of beneficial microbes to ferment waste, rather than simply allowing it to compost or decompose. It produces a high-nutrient, biologically-active organic fertiliser within 3-4 weeks, and means that householders can recycle 100% of their kitchen food waste – and their garden gets the benefit.

The Bokashi bin system goes beyond the traditional process of composting. It uses FERMENTATION – by adding Bokashi powder to your waste, you are introducing millions of beneficial microbes which ferment or “pickle” the waste, inside an airtight bucket. This results in SWEET-SMELLING waste which is partially broken down. After a few weeks (when the bucket is full) this material can be buried in the garden soil or added to your compost heap, where it will break down within a few weeks. The waste never heats up, it retains all the nutrients, releases hardly any greenhouse gases, and results in a totally organic fertiliser (that’s full of nutrients, organic matter, microbes and enzymes) which has cost very little to produce, and has all been done at home – with very little effort.

Many people find having two Bokashi Buckets is particularly convenient. With two buckets you can let one bucket complete the fermentation process while they start to fill the other bucket. This maximises the fermentation process and also production of the biologically rich Bokashi liquid to use in the garden.

Note that only a single delivery charge for a Bokashi Bucket applies even if 2 or more buckets are purchased.

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