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Alstroemerias (also known as Peruvian Lilies) are stringy, bulbous rhizomes that produce beautiful orchid-like flowers that are carried in clusters on top of the stems. Once settled in their environment the Alstroemeria will flower profusely. The more you pick, by simply pulling the stem out of the ground, the more the flowers reproduce. Good drought and frost tolerance. Alstroemeria are very popular as cut flowers and look great in a summer border or dwarf varieties are suitable for pots.

Princess Lilies™ - Dwarf Alstromeria Princess Lilies™ are beautiful lily-like flowers. They flower prolifically in sun and shade, flowers for a least 9 months, is very tough, has good drought tolerance, is ideal for pots and gardens and is available in a terrific selection of colours. These delightful compact plants will flower continuously from spring to late autumn provided their few needs are met. Princess Lilies are ideal border plants, or as feature plants containers.
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